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Daniel Kouril is current maintainer of the module.

Thanks to:

  • Daniel Henninger for bringing the module to SourceForge and maintaing it.
  • Ben Fried for the original extensions to the NCSA web server, which were the basis for this module.
  • James Robinson first did kerberos authentication via the Basic Auth mechanism. Then, as he puts it, promptly stole the code from the NCSA web server to do the mutual ticket authentication.
  • Bobby Pham for aiding in the V5 testing.
  • Jim Barlow for the code clean-up patch.
  • Von Welch for the V5 bug-fixes, the KRB5_SAVE_CREDENTIALS feature, and the KRB5_VERIFY_TICKET feature.
  • Nitin Dahyabhai for the Hesiod group patch.
  • Mark Mentovai for the compiler warning and HTTP protocol correction patch.
  • David MacKenzie for the instance directives and Stronghold compatibility fixes.
  • Gary Rosenblum for the ticket file expiration suggestions, help, and testing.
  • Earl Fogel for KrbAuthAuthoritative support.
  • Thomas Huang for patches to Krb5Keytab functionality, Krb 1.2.* API support, and help in other areas
  • Ryan Linn and Steve Grau for their suggestions/assistance getting the dso compile instructions up.
  • Christopher P. Lindsey for enhancements in ccache handling.
  • Oskar Liljeblad
  • Jari Ahonen